In a natural environment, the Mekong, the Wat Nakhone, and the Wat Phu mountain, The Nakorn Cafe Restaurant propose a Lao cuisine, Thai and a bit western.

Each dishe can be prepared in a vegetarian way, it means, without meat, fish paste or sauce, oyster sauce. We take care also about allergy. Please inform us before order meal.

From Lao Larb (Chicken, porc , duck , mushrooms…) to several different curries (red, yellow, green…) via by feuh (noodle soup), and other Pad thai. One, The Chef and the boss, will cook all dishes with love and delicatess.

For beverage, we propose fresh juice or shake, mango, banana, pineaple, green lime, the famous Lao beer, lager, dark, gold and some belgian beers (Jupiler, Duvel, Blanche de Namur, Blond Leffe), red and white wine, Mineral water and soft drink are of course available.

« After a good meal, a good coffee !», direct from Bolavens plateaux, we have pure arabica, robusta quality on Expresso, Americano, Cappuccino and other Ice coffee ways.

We have also organic tea (green, Yellow, red, black) coming from also Bolavens Plateaux .

In case you stay for a long journey, or by previous order, One, our Chef, will propose you more locals specialities.

Don’t hesitate to suggest some meals which are not in our menu. We will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

One, The Chef  & Jacques